David 'MEGGS' Hooke

'REEF' 2015 - Cozumel, Mexico

(See photos below)

Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico. July 2015. This piece was painted for PangeaSeed's Sea Walls project and depicts the percentages of destruction vs. beauty of our coral reef systems – some of the most diverse and invaluable ecosystems in the world.

It is calculated that 25-30% of coral reefs have already been destroyed worldwide. Increased CO2 emissions and global warming are causing ocean acidification levels to drastically rise and break down delicate invertebrates and reef systems worldwide. 

Through this public artwork, MEGGS urges us to reduce our carbon footprints, create less waste, eat fresh locally sourced foods, and think & act sustainably. 

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Meggs_Progress Shot 3.jpg