David 'MEGGS' Hooke

'HOPE' Meggs x Kamea Hadar 2018 - Wailuku, Maui, HI (USA)

(See photos below)

The ‘HOPE’ mural is dedicated to the Maui community and produced as part of fundraising efforts for Maui based non-profit UVSC (Us Vs Cancer). It is a collaborative artwork with O’ahu born artist, Kamea Hadar, which represents a bonding of traditional and contemporary Hawaiian cultural practices. 

The mural features six year old local Wailuku girl, Bree Haunani Michie Lau Hee, weaving a ti leaf lei which represents that by unifying as a community and supporting one another, we are hopeful for the future and stronger as a society and in the fight against cancer. In Hawaiian culture, the ti leaf plant signifies healing, protection and blessings.

The flowing blue hues and composition reflect the restorative properties of water, inspired by the ‘Īao Valley, seen in the distance behind the wall. The floating Protea flowers and earthy colors and textures symbolize the ‘Rising Sun’ of Haleakalā, the sacred Volcano that forms most of the island of Maui.

This mural is a great example of MEGGS’ understanding and respect for native cultural values, gained during time spent in Hawai’i, and his ability to work with fellow artists and community groups to create a unique and positively uplifting visual outcome.

‘HOPE’ was curated by Temple Children in partnership with UVSC, MAPA and the Wailuku community; the art was made possible with the support the support of Maui Brewing Company, the Frost Family Foundation and Goodfellow Bros., Inc.

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