David 'MEGGS' Hooke

'Flow' 2018 - Santa Monica, California (USA)

(See photos below)

‘Flow’ is a 6,000 square foot, wrap around mural, that covers two street facade’s of a co-working space in Santa Monica. The theme of creativity was chosen to be an all inclusive representation of the spaces intended uses of idea generation, sharing and innovation.

MEGGS embraced the more abstract and gestural side of his work to create a moving and evolving blend of colours and magnified brushstrokes. The warm colour palette and organic circular shapes are chosen to represent the beachside landscape and culture, whilst the flowing blue tones represent the fluidity of water and the ocean.

The challenge of this piece was that it needed to represent a theme without being image specific and work around irregular surfaces to unite two facades that were painted at seperate times. The method MEGGS uses is to utilise the available shapes of the painted surface (minus windows, etc) as a guide for the direction and movement of the overall piece.

This combination and contrast results in a dynamic artwork that is highly visible to passengers on the adjacent ‘Metro’ light rail line as well as side streets. On the street side MEGGS has represented the trunk of nearby trees, which are widely spread throughout the city. Santa Monica has been accredited for its urban forrestry program with over 33,000 trees on public property. 

Meggs_Cross Campus 2_Santa Monica CA.JPG