David 'MEGGS' Hooke

'MANA' Meggs x Cryptik 2017 - Hilo, Hawai'i (USA)

(See photos below)

This 8,000 square foot mural seamlessly blends MEGGS' expressive ‘brushstroke’ abstraction with Cryptik's precise calligraphy to create the word ‘MANA’. The script, ocean inspired colours and single lehua flower represent a respect for the Big Islands terrestrial and spiritual elements of earth, fire, and water. 

The ohia tree and its lehua blossoms have deep roots in Hawaiian culture and mythology. The hardy native ohia lehua is one of the first plants to recolonize otherwise barren lands blanketed in lava, and perhaps because of its ability to thrive in Pele’s creations that many associate the plant with the Hawaiian fire goddess.

MEGGS x CRYPTIK_Final Shot_Photo by Miya Tsukazaki.JPG
MEGGS x CRYPTIK_Detail 1_Photo by Emad Rashidi.jpg