David 'MEGGS' Hooke


'Aquaman' (No Sea, No Life) Print. Color Edition

'Aquaman' (No Sea, No Life) Print. Color Edition

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18 x 24 Inches. Various numbers now available on sale! 25% OFF!
Regular (Color): 6-color screen print | Signed & numbered limited edition of 35
Created as a collaboration with @pangeaseed Foundation in 2016.

"I wanted to re-interpret a mix of the classic & contemporary Aquaman in the form of a worn & well-loved comic book cover. Comic covers generally capture the lead character in dramatic and dynamic moment of celebration or peril. So I choose to imply both sides of this to emphasis the No Sea, No Life theme - a call to action that we must work together now to save our dying oceans & marine life!" - Meggs

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